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Dave grew up in Colorado where he and his dad spent their weekends rebuilding cabins together. Dave reflects that his dad taught him how to be handy before he was old enough to recognize just how valuable those weekends were.

He moved to Florida in his late teens and put more than 30 years of customer care experience under his toolbelt by working at Walt Disney World.


One day, a friend called him for help with a repair project, and a lightbulb came on for him. He had just changed the bulb but he also had an idea! Dave realized if he started a handyman company, he could put his repair skills to use helping people. He started HandyMania and the rest is history! ​



Field Manager

Scott has over 20 years worth of handy experience but we wouldn't call him a one-trick pony. Not only because his name is Scott, not "One-Trick Pony" but also because his hobbies include fishing, hunting and riding motorcycles. He's got talent and skill in so many areas, you'd need a map to find them! 

If you need some home repair, Scott's your man. If you're interested in fishing, Scott could probably be persuaded to start a fishing club. He just needs to find some more people to join. Preferably someone with a boat, some fishing poles, a sturdy cooler and a penchant for making cheese trays...Hey, you can't blame a guy for asking!




Bill is one handy guy! Well, he's kind of a two-handy guy but he's so good at fixing things he can do it with one hand behind his back...we think that counts!


Bill learned home repair from a number of different places. That number is four!

1. His grandfather

2. His father

3. On the job training

4. A very dexterous and talented pack of wolves

Okay, we can't verify that last one, but he is loyal, resourceful and works well with a pack, so we'll call it three and a half. 

Besides being a handyman, he's also fun to be around. Just ask Bill's grandkids--they'll tell ya. If you're nice enough to him, he just might take you out for ice cream, too!

Dave Photo_edited.jpg



Yup, you read that right. HandyMania is the proud host of not one, but TWO whole Davids!

Besides being handy, this David is a self-proclaimed history buff. Invite him to your next trivia night for an extra edge against the other teams. In honor of his love of history, the rest of his bio will be written in Old English. (Feel free to read it in an accent. Which one? We don't care, as long as you're having fun.)

Hear ye! Hear ye! David was living in Alabamae when he learned how to be handy. He taught himself by diving in and doing repairs on things at his previous job. Forsooth! He seemed to have a natural talent for it. He was enjoying his tinkering so much, he started to repair things at home, too! It all was going swimmingly until he realized he was WAY better at demolition than ye olde construction.

He now lives in Florida in a concrete block home that has, so far, proven to be much more difficult to disassemble. Verily.

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